Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gundam 00 Week 2

Episodes 03-04

So ends another non-advertised week of dual Gundam 00 on Scifi. This week for some unknown reason it ran almost 2 minutes late though, Which caused my DVR to cut off my viewing to record Heroes on another channel. So i missed the very end of Ep. 4. Last thing I saw was Exia go underwater and Graham praising the celesial being for making such a formidable and versatile mobile suit(I later read about the ending online).

The episodes were really good though. I like how realistic the political drama was depicted. "How very much like America" I found myself thinking. Also, I remember thinking to myself. If I heard Celestial Being claiming to destroy all in armed conflict that I'd react similarly as Taribia did.

Some of my first impressions were shaken, others were made more concrete. Saji and his friends are still talking about the events and I'm still left wondering how Saji and his pals make for a good story. Unless Saji takes an Alfred Izaruha plot turn at some point which I would really enjoy. If that happened I would have a much higher opinion of this series. I just hope it happens sooner rather than later.

However, they seem to have dropped the "Phase complete" element(for now at least), raising my hopes that the show will break away from the "Wing" comparisons.

The action is still very intense, however it's all been very short(like Wing) cause of the overpowered Gundam units. However it was nice to see the Creme of the crop pilots versus Setsuna so early in the series. We really see some excellent strategy from Graham this time around as well.

So I'm more than hooked now. I can't wait till next week for more episodes.

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