Thursday, December 4, 2008


This is yet again a praise post for my favorite two Chris' on G4.

Chris Hardwick and Chris Gore(see what I did there?).

Yesterday's Attack of the Show was one of the most entertaining hours of TV I've seen in a while thanks to the witty dialog of Chris Hardwick and his chemistry with Kevin Perierra. It's HARD not to like Hardwick(I think I'm clever, so hush!). He really does have a flair for improv comedy and I really admire that. An example from yesterday, Kevin and Hardwick were playing a game where you had to simulate drunkeness(by spinning around with your head on a bat 5 times) then tossing a "Baby"(it's a doll) into a basket. During this Kevin failed misserably at beating Hardwick's score and Hardwick had quite the intersing response( ). I hear he even does stand-up so I'm anxious to check it out. If you haven't seen him on AotS, I promise you that your missing out. The episodes that Hardwick replaces co-host Olvia Munn are some of the best. Most of the time she's on screen she's throwing her opinions intothe subject material and usually they are more negative than positive leaving a bitter taste in my mouth. No disrespect to Olvia, but her opinions don't always have to be heard.

Chris Gore is awesome. He's created, Three magazines, and been on various film related programming on FX and G4. The guy has very good and informative reviews of films and DVD releases and it's rare to find someone who I agree with when it comes to film. He also rates by Buy/Rent/Pass which I think is a far superior process than Star or point ranking. Why? If you buy something your saying this is something I must have for various reasons. A game/movie/product could but well above quality standards but not have enough with it to be considered a permenant collection item. For example, A great movie that has a small amount of special features would be worth watching right? but why own it? RENT! Giving that same movie a rating of 5 stars or 5/5 or 10/10 rating just shows that it's a great film. I personally add both elements to reviewing. breaking down elements and rating them individually then ending it with buy/rent/trash.

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