Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gundam 00

Episode 1-2

Well I'm still sceptical about this show. As anyone should be. The show looks good. As it ought to. The action sequences seem to be pretty good. However, I'm going to start nit-picking at it till it surprises and wow's me again. Curse my fanboyism.

This is the first Mecha series since Macross that I prefer the protagonists and the protagonist mecha over the antagonist and antagonist mecha. I'm not a fan of the mech designs here. the only ones I'm slightly forgiving of is Kyrios and Virtue. Though both of these designs still go too far out there(Kyrios has those ugly Knee Wings, and Virtue is just Fat).

First thing I should address here is that 00 only has a few similarites with wing but it does make it hard to deny them when they are constatly in your face. The most obvious is the many good looking young male pilots. The other thing that bugged me cause it seemed so unnessesary to have in the series but is always heard is "Phase complete" which if doesn't sound like Wing I don't know what does.

I'm really anxious to see the political drama associated with this plot but I'm feeling a bit defensive. How am I going to handle a four-way political drama? Sounds like it's an impossibility. The series is already giving an impression that it's about the youth and their reactions to the events more than the events. Also it seems to be heavy on the action but we haven't seen anything really different or special about any of it yet.

A minor beef with it right now is the Dub. The Graham character's voice doesn't seem to fit at all. However I could be wrong, maybe his character design doesnt fit the character personallity. I don't know but for now, I'm annoyed.

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