Wednesday, April 1, 2009


First off. It's been a while mainly due to work, laziness, and a good heaping helping of depression...

Anyway. I've been thinking lately that as an Otaku, I'm in grave danger of many a threat.

Moe seems to be taking over the new Anime market, due to economial issues Anime is being cut back to top 20 sales in the majority of Best Buys, and the true classics are becomming more and more forgotten.

I know that my opposition to Moe and top 20 Anime puts me in a very early generation of Otaku but I'd like to believe I'm not alone in thinking Anime could take a turn for the worse in the future.

An idea of mine has been busting at the seems since it first came to mind. Recorded Audio Commentary for Anime. The basis of this was that listening to commentary that is seperate from the specified medium can be made and disturbuted without breaking copyright laws (i.e. Rifftrax) and Commentary has always been my favorite special feature for any film/series, and 3 I don't think there's enough Anime commentary. However, to list a few greats: Megazone 23, Cowboy Bebop: Remixed, and Puny Puny Poemi (it's even in 5.1, however the anime isn't).

Maybe someday I'll get to listen to some commentary during some of my favorite Anime. Better yet, maybe I'll be part of it.

Oh, Well.

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