Monday, November 24, 2008

What I'm watching Update!


Ok, starting us off today. We have Death Note. The premise of this show is very promising. However I should mention from the start here the biggest issue as an American Otaku watching Anime on scheduled programming(TV/On Demand/etc)... The English Dub.

With all Anime on TV I have watched the "WTF" moments of disgust always bring the Dub into question. "Was this in the original?", "Is this some lame attempt of making things more understandable for U.S. audiences?". The latter of these two is my biggest concern for this Anime. It seems that half of each episode is used to EXPLAIN EVERYTHING!!! Not to toot my own horn, but I understood movies/anime like Donnie Darko, Akira, and The Matrix upon the first of second viewing. I understood why things happened and what the point was and didn't need someone to explain things to me. This Anime seems like it's short-changed by this on-going explanation of what is happening/happened and why. I get it, OK. Stop treating me like I'm dense. I have an IQ of 130 for God's sake!

I'm frustrated, obviously. At least up to this point they can still keep my interest in what WILL or COULD happen in the series. I just wish I was watching this with the original dialog(translated) so I could see if this is just my speculation.

Now, the next thing on my list...

Hell Girl

I just started watching this as it appeared on IFC and I already like it more than Death Note. Not a big stretch of plot difference however. Hell girl involves an website that is during any time of day except midnight reads as a "Page Not Found". Though, at midnight someone will have the chance to view the page and submit a name into the database... to be sent to Hell. This girl is pretty creepy looking the music even gives it some creepiness. It does however seem very episodic. With each episode having a different plot and characters. Regardless I'm looking forward to more.

On DVD...

Macross Zero

So far I've watched only two episodes at home and I'm really happy I get to watch this on my TV cause I get much better picture definition than when I watched the first episode on my friend's computer. Another bonus to the DVD version is the Full 5.1 DTS/Dolby Surround sound. I'm so happy to have an Anime with such great sound to it. I don't know why more Anime don't focus on better sound.

So far this OVA is a bit disappointing plot-wise with the character focus on (IMO) the WRONG character. Though it seems like they got Roy Focker's character pretty spot on, complete with ass grabbing.


Macross 7

I Love it already. High octane action, crazy J-rock music, and even some fan-service. I really like the new characters and can see a lot of influence here for Cowboy Bebop with the character relations. All the characters have very high charisma and it's nice to see our favorite Anime couple of all time Max and Miriya Genius. Love it, Love it, Love it!

And the biggest thing since sliced bread...

Gundam 00

To be continued...

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