Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What I'm watching, what I stopped, and why

There are a few things that I (try to)watch ever day. These are them:
First, the BIG GUNS!
Mobile Suit Victory Gundam.

I've now made it up to the 31st episode. Those who know this series should continue but those who don't skip to the next paragraph. (spoilers) So up till now I've endured the heartless slaughter of every female on the Shrike team(except Marbet, who's quickly becoming a favorite). Now they went and killed the only male member, Oliver. Tomino must have been depressed cause now I am. I'm not even sure if I can watch another episode cause I'm so down. So far this week has been Victory free. sigh...

I went into watching this series with every warning possible. I even read through the reviews on MAHQ.net(every episode). But I can honestly say that NOTHING can prepare you for this. I really love this series. From the storytelling to the mecha designs, all of this is beautiful. God only knows why Tomino would put his distaste for this series on the japanese memorial box set(http://aeug.blogspot.com/2004_01_01_archive.html Gunota headlines). I think it's one of his best. A lot of ppl feel that Tomino showed an dislike of women in this anime but I dissagree. Marbet was a good pilot and she even survived the entire series. She's my favorite female pilot, next to Haman Kahn of course. Overall I recomend this to all anime fans who have the fortitude and strength to endure it's depressing plot elements.

Now to non-anime...
Attack of the Show.

There are few shows that entertain me and I can say that I'm glad I have DVR cause where as I do enjoy this show it's more the improvised/caught on film antics that really keep me interested in this show. That and Chris Gore. I want that guy's job. Also there a few segments that I like and a few I don't. They are as follows:

Around The Net or ATN as shouted by the back stage crew/audience. These are the top 5 clips of the day from the internet. Clips are funny as are the back and forth reactions from Olivia Munn and Kevin Pereira. Except the staged gags/skits they have following the #2(usually) clip. These are pretty dull, mostly, and should just be left out. The only thing entertaining about these are the stunts and outtakes by the host of AotS.

ATTACK THIS is a good segment overall that covers some upcoming/new released goodies. These are usually in a spit fire list that seems fairly short(even shorter than The Feed).

The Feed is probably the most interesting thing on the show. However, it's host is just a pretty faced prompt reader. WTF G4? Why? Sigh. This segment lacks a lot of real attention that it deserves.

Epic Fail (also BREAK moments in de-evolution) are of the best segments on the show, however they come off as filler in the program sometimes. These segments as good as they are label the show as an internet clip show. So maybe these segments are good as spaced as they are after all.

The Loop is the #1 reason I'm glad I DVR this show. Sometimes It's entertaining, others I could care less.

The rest is mostly consisted of weekly show elements.

Fresh ink/DVDuesday/Gadget Pr0n(even though this happens more often than weekly). These segments seem to be just right in the weekly spotlight and are the real reason everyone should watch. The co-host that come on for these segments are the cream of the crop as well. Blair butler is a former stand-up comedian that has quite an vast knowledge and interest in comics and it's cool to hear her opinions on these matters. Chris Gore is like a film version of Blair only this guy gives advice on what to buy/rent/pass which I think is the best format for reviewing all media. Gadget Pr0n is kind of a hit or miss segment but Chris Hardwick is a fairly goofy guy that also very charismatic and it is very informative to watch if you are looking for a new camera, computer, or TV considering that's what is normally reviewed.

In Your Pants is a sex life help segment and Women of the web is a showcase of the top 10 women on the internet found during the week. These totally miss the demographic in my opinion. They both seem like a desperate attempt to bring in and keep an audience of viewers they don't need, Troglodytes. Anna David must be getting paid to show up so why don't they just cut her(and the segment) out and save some money.

Wow! AotS really used up too much of my post...

On to X-PLAY.

the reviews are why I watch this show. The commentary and clips of each game with dialog and scenes taking out of context are hilarious. The pop-culture reference material, not so much. Adam Sessler is my favorite host on G4. I wish he'd include the Sessler's Soapbox segments on the show, as well as the "in 60 seconds" segments found during commercial breaks by various G4 hosts. They are all(mostly) related to video games so why not? Recently I've noticed that former EGM editor Dan "Shoe" is now a floor man for the big interviews and floor shows. This guy used to come of as quite entertaining and energetic on pages of the magazine, however now he seems like he's over-medicated or something. The guy seems really dull. Really the only room I see for improvement would be to cut out the full episode exclusives or make them available on G4.com exclusively, or better yet free on On Demand providers. They could use some of the elements of those episodes during the normal episode as a "teaser" so to get the interested party to go online.

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